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Here is the definitive guide to how the travel industry works and how you can land a job in travel. 

Although there are books out there that help you to leave your job and explore the world full-time, this is the only eBook that will help you to make travel your professional career. You do not need to sacrifice income and lifestyle in order to see the world.

Some of What You'll Find Inside:

    • 147 packed pages of information on all aspects of the travel industry
    • Unfolding the hospitality industry - jobs with airlines and hotels
    • Listing and tourism contact info for 180 different countries
    • How to present your credentials in the most relevant way possible

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"How to Work in Travel" takes you on a deep dive journey into the depths of the travel industry, providing a thorough evaluation and clear understanding of the industry at large. It dissects the complexities and speaks in a voice that is engaging and encouraging. If you're looking to get into this business, How to Work in Travel will guide you in the right direction, offering insights and details on potential career opportunities."

Kimberley Thomas, Print Advertising Manager at Group M

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